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Standard hours work to begin

Image of flexible working hoursSecretary for Labour & Welfare Matthew Cheung says the Standard Working Hours Committee will soon hold its first meeting, and expressed hope the committee can fulfill its mission by building a consensus within three years.
Speaking to the media today, Mr Cheung said the broadly representative committee has three missions – to follow up on the Labour Department’s policy study on working hours, to facilitate community discussion, and to make recommendations to the Chief Executive, including whether a statutory regime or alternatives should be introduced.
Dr Leong said, as a doctor, he is concerned about how long working hours affect public health, noting that overtime work is common in Hong Kong for economic reasons and job natures.
He said the subject is complex and the committee will study working hour policy and its implications for part-time labourers, casual workers, SMEs and the rest of the business sector, and will consider whether legislation should be introduced.
He said he also hopes to reach a consensus and identify the way forward within his three-year term.